Private Events

Karting is better with friends!

Private Events

The Canadian Mini Indy organizes and promotes special private go-kart events for anyone. It is a great activity to do with your friends, family, sports team, or for adult birthday parties, stags, and bachelorette parties. Special events are a great way to introduce new racing enthusiasts of all ages interested in getting involved in kart racing. Karting is recognized as the entry level and introduction into Motor Sports and our Special Events and CRKC Series provides for a safe, friendly and professional environment to get started.

Turn an Ordinary Event into the EXTRAORDINARY!

Private Events consist of practices, qualifying and racing sessions with a complete training seminar for all new members prior to the event. Everything is provided including the high performance racing kart with speeds that start at 80 km/h. Members must come prepared with the proper racing attire to compete regardless of the weather.

Photo of go-karts with drivers at the Canadian Mini Indy
What to Bring?
  • Long pants - NO SWEAT PANTS or nylon pants
  • Jacket - a durable jacket not a thin liner. NOT a hoody or a long sleeve.
  • Gloves and running shoes
  • Helmet (optional to bring your own or use one provided by the Canadian Min Indy)
  • Neck Collar (available for purchase at the track)

Private Event Format

  • Mandatory Drivers Meeting
  • Practice Sessions
  • Qualifying Session
  • Feature Race
  • Awards Presentation – Awards issued to the Top 3
  • Special Events take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete
  • Members may customize their own Special Event (Cost to be determined)
  • Catering Service Available (No outside food or drink permitted)
  • Boardroom/Training Room Available
  • Please review our Membership Application for proper Racing Attire.
  • Come prepared with the proper racing attire “no exposed skin” and a jacket must be worn
  • An Orientation and Training Seminar is scheduled 1 hour prior to every event for all new members
  • Those interested in joining the Canadian Mini Indy Rookie Series will be issued a License/Membership Card.
Photo of two go-kart drivers racing at the Canadian Mini Indy
Photo of podium celebrations after a race at the Canadian Mini Indy

Important Notes: All participants of Special Events will be registered and will take part in the Orientation and Training Seminar prior to being eligible to participate in any Special Event. We will provide your group with the training and make each participant a member. All members are required to have read and have a good understanding of all CRKC and Track Rules and Regulations.

Non-members are not eligible to participate in Special Events or any form of on-track activities, therefore our Orientation and Training will ensure each participant has a good understanding before taking part in the event. Orientation and Training occurs prior to the start of your event.

Great for groups with or without racing experience, who are interested in developing real racing skills, with speeds up to 80 km/h in a High Performance Racing Kart with no roll bars, no seat belts and open wheels. Safety is taken very seriously and members must come with a “Safety First, Racing Second” attitude.

Any member interested in booking a Special Event is asked to contact The Canadian Mini Indy by calling the track at 905-679-2122 ext.2, in person at the track, or via email at

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