Arrive and Drive Rookie Series

Racing Speeds – 80km/h!

Arrive and Drive Rookie Series Information

The Canadian Mini Indy Arrive and Drive Rookie Series is a safe and professionally organized go-kart racing program for all ages, located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Cadet Racing – 7** years of age to 12.
Youth/Teen – 13 years of age to 18.
Adult Racing – 19 + years of age.
Adult Racing – 30+ years of age plus

** Subject to participate must fit safely into the go-karts.

The Arrive and Drive Series is for beginners or experienced go-kart drivers. Drivers race every two weeks and we provide the go-kart, and the Canadian Mini Indy does all the maintenance. You simply arrive to the track and drive.

Picture of Track at Canadian Mini Indy

There are 8 racing schedules to choose from and all schedules are bi-weekly. No member is committed to anything – race and practice when you like.

Picture of Track at Canadian Mini Indy

What to Bring?

  • Long pants - NO SWEAT PANTS or nylon pants
  • Jacket - a durable jacket not a thin liner. NOT a hoody or a long sleeve.
  • Gloves and running shoes
  • Helmet (optional to bring your own or use one provided by the Canadian Mini Indy)
  • Neck Collar (available for purchase at the track)

What is Provided?

  • High Performance Racing Kart
  • Track time
  • Gas
  • Tires
  • Pit Crew
  • Head Mechanic
  • Damage Repairs
  • Licensing and Training
  • Safety Equipment
Picture of Arrive and Drive Go-Karts

What to Expect?

While it is hard to describe what it is like to be a go-kart driver in the Canadian Mini Indy Rookie Series, what we can say to be prepared for anything. Be prepared for any weather conditions, rain, cold, or hot sun, as we race regardless. The comptetition is always close, so expect to be passed and to make some passes. But overall expect to have fun and remember this is a Rookie Series. One of our members has captured the essence of what it is like to be a driver in the Canadian Mini Indy Arrive and Drive Rookie series. From the early morning track walks to great passes, getting chased down and crashes. This video captures the experience of a Rookie Series driver.


Yearly Membership: $109.99 + HST.

Racing Cost: $71.50 + HST. Includes 2 practice sessions, 2 heat races, 1 Final points Race

Open Practice Cost: $60 + HST – book times in accordance with the Weekly Calendar.

Licence: $10

Have more questions?

Contact the Canadian Mini Indy for more information.