Prior Back on Top as BirelART Dominates Briggs Senior

Photo from Prior Back on Top as BirelART Dominates Briggs Senior

Jordan Prior is now a two-time Canadian Karting Champion after a thrilling National Final.

The race started off with Prior (Prime/BirelART) leading Jon Treadwell (Prime/BirelART) and Nicky Palladino (MSR/Ricciardo Kart) getting away from the pack early but just prior to the halfway point, Treadwell went for the lead and the shuffling slowed the group up enough that the chasing pack featuring David Barnes (Prime/BirelART), Logan Ploder (PRO/CL Kart), Ari Korkodilos (REM/Kosmic), Frank Launi (MSR/BirelART) and Brennan Taylor (BirelART), caught up.

From there, the pack of eight went to war for position. When Treadwell and Palladino hooked up to pass Prior in corner seven, this allowed them to open a small gap, but with a push from his teammate, Prior and Barnes were right back in the race for the lead with Ploder and Korkodilos also in the mix.

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