Woods-Toth Scores First Canadian Championship Since 2015

Photo from Woods-Toth Scores First Canadian Championship Since 2015

We had to double-check the stats, but you read that headline correctly, Rok Senior driver Patrick Woods-Toth won his first Canadian Karting Championship since 2015 when he took the crown in Mini Max.

Over the past five years, Woods-Toth has been successful at just about every event he’s entered, dominating the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship with three straight championships, winning the Canadian Open as well as international competitions and even an online sim race title that scored him a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals, but the Nationals have eluded him until this past Sunday.

Throughout the weekend, Woods-Toth (Prime/BirelART) was just behind Robert Soroka (KGR/RedSpeed) and the pair were set to start the Final on the front row to settle the score.

However, after the first start was waived off, the group formed back up in preparation for another attempt when suddenly Soroka slowed and pulled to the side of the track. Unable to get his engine to restart, a stuck float being the culprit, Soroka was forced to watch his race from the sidelines before it even started.

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