Split Tire Selection for Rotax Senior Final at the Canadian Nationals

Photo from Split Tire Selection for Rotax Senior Final at the Canadian Nationals

Everything in the Rotax Senior division came down to a gut check decision only moments before the National Final was about to begin.

The Mosport circuit was showing signs that it could dry up, but the surface was still very much wet and when the group of 31 racers rolled off the grid, the choice of tires was split almost 50/50.

On the front row, Prime Powerteam teammates Marco Filice and Patrick Woods-Toth were on opposite strategies with Filice on rain tires and Woods-Toth on slicks.

It was a very slick warm-up lap and Woods-Toth did his best false start attempt to earn those on slicks an extra lap to get some heat in their Mojo tires.

Filice used his extra grip to get up the hill first but he was chased closely by Gianluca Savaglio (REM/Kosmic) and down into corner six, Savaglio scored the opening lap lead. Just before completing the opening lap, a number of racers slid off the track in the final corners, including Adam Ali (REM/Kosmic) and it got the attention of the race officials.

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