Online Waivers – New for the 2022 Season

Photo from Online Waivers – New for the 2022 Season

As stipulated by our Insurance company we are moving paperless and going digital with an online waiver form.

How does it work?

We will provide you with our link to our events. This link will be the same link all year long. Today you will find the link in this email but we will ensure it will be on our website, social media feeds, and each Monday's Week at a Glance email.


You click the link - this will be provided by us below in this email.

Select the the event - they will be listed by dates. Regardless of the event, they will all fall under the day you are coming out.

You will sign your waiver, input your details, upload your photo.

The system will TEXT you back a link.

When you open the link this will be your photo.

This is the proof you show the girls at the sign in desk and it proves to us the waiver duties have been completed.

We will in turn collect the fee if you have not done so online, and give you a wrist band.

No proof of waiver signature, no wristband - no wristband - no track time!

Adult Waiver - Instructional Video Parental Waiver - Instructional Video
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The arrive and drive series is for beginners or experienced go-kart drivers. Drivers race every two weeks and we provide the kart, and the Canadian Mini Indy does all the maintenance. You simply arrive to the track up and drive.

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