2021 Revised HRKC and Arrive & Drive Schedules

Photo from 2021 Revised HRKC and Arrive & Drive Schedules

The Canadian Mini Indy would like to start off by saying thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this pandemic. We are happy to share this email with you and bring you exciting upcoming information about our 2021 Racing season that is due to start in 2 short weeks.

We invite you to visit our website for the newly updated

2021 HRKC Racing Schedule
2021 Canadian Mini Indy Arrive and Drive Schedule
2021 Trophy Cup Challenge Dates
2021 6 Hours of Canadian Mini Indy Date

We have ensured the entire race season is been incorporated into this late starting season. You are not missing any racing!!

Please look for further information to follow with Detailed Opening Week instructions for Arrive and Drive members and Hamilton Kart Club members.

We have designed the schedule in such a way that the first two weeks we are jumping right in!

Arrive and Drive Rookie Members - We will run Open Houses and Orientation and Training simultaneously in the first two weeks. You are required to drop in to an Open House before coming to your Orientation and Training Session. Clear times and dates and booking links will follow in an email next week.

Hamilton Kart Club Members - We intend on running the Tech and Practice day on Sunday June 19th. Therefore our opening week will have Open practice opportunities, and a dedicated Engine Break in Time for the Scholarship drivers. Times, dates and booking links to follow in an email next week.

Potential Earlier Opening - We hear various media outlets and the Ford Government hinting at potentially bumping up the Stage 1 re-opening. Should this happen we have a detailed agenda of events that we will announce however the SCHEDULES WILL NOT CHANGE ( HRKC Tech and Practice exception to the rule). All posted schedules on the website will remain unchanged if we see an earlier re opening.

We will take the time to run:
- Open Houses so that not to have them run at the same time as the Orientation and Training.
- Arrive and Drive Training Programs
- Arrive and Drive Opening Lapping
- HRKC / Own Kart Open Lapping
- Scholarship Drivers Engine Break In

As always we will keep you up to date as things change with the Provinces Re Opening plans.

Covid 19 Policies

COVID 19 Policies are on our website. The following will be enforced throughout the first Stages of re-opening and will remain in effect until further notice. These policies apply to both the HRKC and the Canadian Mini Indy Arrive and Drive members.

- No Spectators. - no exceptions - please do not put us in the situation to ask people to leave. No one wants to do this! Minors are permitted to have a parent or guardian. Adults needing assistance are permitted to have another person with them.

HRKC members are permitted to have one driver and one mechanic in their pit. For the start of Stage one spectators, and family members will not be permitted on site.

Youth drivers with a hired mechanic are permitted to to be accompanied by one parent or guardian. This would allow your pit spot to have a total of 3 people on site.

Please do not make special requests. We understand this situation is difficult and their are family members at home wishing they could attend - understand the requests come from everywhere and it really is hard for us to put in these uncomfortable situations - but we need consistency - we need to be fair.

MASKS ARE MANDATORY - social distancing is virtually impossible in the active areas of the Race Track. Masks will be required in the following places, the building, the washrooms, all outdoor covered areas, in the pits and along the fence line. You may remove your mask in your own personal pit spot - this is by your vehicle. Please respect this rule!

Any driver requiring a Canadian Mini Indy / Prime Powerteam Mechanic to visit their pit spot for service are required to mask up before the mechanics will offer service.

We will be under capacity limits and therefore ask that you respect the rules we have to put into place. We of course want to be able to welcome everyone back including the families of our drivers, this time will come; unfortunately not immediately.

Please note the above policies at this time are in effect regardless of vaccination, including those fortunate enough to be fully vaccinated. Let's address the Elephant in the room!

Thank you so much to those who have looked out for us. Your emails, your efforts, your dedication are overwhelming and appreciated.

In closing, thank you once again for your patience. Our time has finally come - Race Season 2021 is about to begin and we are excited to welcome everyone home!

Please look for further information early next week with booking opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing all your faces soon


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The arrive and drive series is for beginners or experienced go-kart drivers. Drivers race every two weeks and we provide the kart, and the Canadian Mini Indy does all the maintenance. You simply arrive to the track up and drive.

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