Prime Powerteam Woods-Toth Becomes 3x Rok Senior MRFKC Champion

Photo from Prime Powerteam Woods-Toth Becomes 3x Rok Senior MRFKC Champion

For the third straight Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship season, Patrick Woods-Toth and Prime Powerteam are the Rok Senior Champions as the Quebec-based driver celebrated his fifth and sixth race wins of the season at Brechin Motorsport Park over the weekend to seal the deal.

On Saturday Woods-Toth trailed Adam Ali (REM/Kosmic) for the entire duration of the 26-lap final around the Gamebridge circuit, slipping back a few kart lengths from time to time, but keeping the race leader within striking distance.

On the final lap, just as it seemed he may have been out of chances, Woods-Toth dove up the inside of an unsuspecting Ali in corner seven and grabbed the lead. Finishing out the final three corners, he rounded the final corner to take win number five this season ahead of Ali and Gianluca Savaglio (REM/Kosmic), who held off Robert Soroka (KGR/RedSpeed) and Marco Filice (Prime/BirelART) on the final lap.

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