6 Hours of Canadian Mini Indy Enduro Race

Photo from 6 Hours of Canadian Mini Indy Enduro Race

The Date has been Set!

Saturday Aug 28th, 2021

6 hours of Canadian Mini Indy
Get your team together and prove you can go the distance!

A Race where Speed is not the most important element.

Strategy, consistency, patience and endurance will get you to the finish line first!

Event Schedule
Registration 9am
Driver Meeting 9:45 am
Kart Assignment 10:00am
On Track 10:30 am
1 hour Open Practice
15 Minute Break
10 minute Time qualifying Session
15 Minute Break

Karts Report to Start Finish Line 12:30 pm
Race Starts 1pm
Race Length – 6 hours
Maximum Number of drivers per team – 5 Drivers (Less is acceptable)
Minimum Number of Drivers 3
Drivers Weight – Minimum Average Weight of 140Lb Lite Class and 190lb Heavy Class
DISCLAIMER - CMI reserves the right to change the weight averages based on pre entries

Pit Stops – 12 Mandatory Pit Stops
Pit Stop Length – 5 Min Minimum
Le Mans Style Start

Maximum entries 16 teams
First come first serve - No Team Confirmed until paid

Rain date - TBD if required Amended Rules package and application will be emailed to all those interested parties.

Email info@canadianminiindy.com or contact us to request registration form and amended Rules Package.

If you are looking for a team to race on, please send your name and weight to us as we are keeping a list for people looking for a team. If you have any questions please feel free to email anytime.

About the Rookie Series Blog

The arrive and drive series is for beginners or experienced go-kart drivers. Drivers race every two weeks and we provide the kart, and the Canadian Mini Indy does all the maintenance. You simply arrive to the track up and drive.

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